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Yellow Poverty was a band that began a soft and mellow band called "The Handsome Twosome." Sometimes a frightful band, the band changed their name to "Yellow Poverty" when Jeff Bolton said that he wanted his band to be named something totally "rad."

The Early Life[]

Yellow Poverty started out as a band in 2015 when Bolton met Maurice Cooper at a restaurant in a little town down in Texas. Cooper was the band member who was high on drugs and always smoking cocaine. It was first called "The Handsome Twosome" but it was later changed to Yellow Poverty, a band name which stuck on for a lifetime. They had a touring band with Johnny Backus on guitar, Matt Thomas on bass, and a new vocalist, Alan Davids.

Sometime in The Middle[]

They released their first album on October 15, 2015 called Yellow Poverty. A big dispute came out when the band wanted to come up with the cover album. Cooper wanted a picture of a naked woman sleeping in her bed, but Roberts wanted the picture to be of a giraffe at a zoo in Chicago. You can tell out who won. Maurice Cooper was forced to leave after multiple times of being drunk while recording.


  • Yellow Poverty (2015)
  • Yadda Yadda Bing Bang (2016)
  • Pictures of Yellow (2017)
  • Saving My Food (2019)


Current Members[]

Past Members[]