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Too Hot (Summer Nights) is the fourth single by Pop Rock Band The New Romantic Devils off there album Devil's Got Your Tongue. It was written by Rachel Monroe and Archie Monroe. Rachel sings lead vocals on the verses, while Peyton Reed high harmony on the chorus with Rachel. The song is heavily pop influenced by 80's music with a synth track driving the hard-edged rock guitars and drums. 


The song was a conscious attempt by the band to write something with heavy nods to 80's new wave pop music with their hard rock edged guitars intertwined.  The song written by Rachel and Archie was recorded in November 2019. The band was happy with song and wanted to make sure it had a lot of teeth. The lyric by Rachel again deals with love and wild summer nights of fun and romance with a short-term lover and remembering back to that one-night yearning for it. Rachel has stated it was her attempt to write a song in the vein of Duran Duran and a song like Save a Prayer. The song was originally recorded with no backing vocals other than Rachel, but Peyton and Rachel decided to add Peyton to chorus at higher octave and intertwine the mix. Archie has stated that

"We had Rachel's voice, which allowed us to go in a more soulful direction, which made me exceedingly happy. A lot of things came together writing that song. our love of the studio. The dramatic improvement in Rachel, Keith, and my songwriting. We made quantum leaps with that song. It is one of my favorite Devil's songs. It has it all, catchy hook and chorus you can't get out of your head. Driving guitar, pop hooks, a little disco, theatrics and our nod to the New Romantic Scene and all the music we love from 70's and 80's. I knew we were now on our way to having our voice and accomplishing what this band was about."


Archie Monroe- Lead and Rhythm guitar all tracks

Mike McCoy- Lead and Rhythm guitar all tracks

Rachel Monroe- Rhythm guitar, keys, synths, piano all tracks. Lead vocals 1-4, and 6-9, 11 and 12

Peyton Reed- Bass, backing vocals all tracks

Keith Hudson- Drums all tracks, lead vocals track 5 and 10

Produced and engineered by Freddy Spencer