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Tiger Tiger is the second single off Pop rock band The New Romantic Devils third record Devil's Got Your Tongue.


The song was written by Archie Monroe, Rachel Monroe, Keith Hudson, and Mike McCoy. According to Rachel the song started as the four of them were goofing around in the barn jamming and had been watching the documentary Tiger King. The song started with dual guitar intro by A. Monroe and McCoy. The initial vocals by Rachel were just goofing around about the tiger king. The song was finished in about 13 minutes and a rough recording was done. In December of 2019 as second round of recording sessions for the album the song was re-visited, and the idea came to actually take concept of the band as the band represented a tiger trying to reach the top. The song was completed with new lyrics by Rachel and Peyton. The whole band recorded the song in one of last few songs recorded for the project.


Archie Monroe- Lead and Rhythm guitar all tracks

Mike McCoy- Lead and Rhythm guitar all tracks

Rachel Monroe- Rhythm guitar, keys, synths, piano all tracks. Lead vocals 1-4, and 6-9, 11 and 12

Peyton Reed- Bass, backing vocals all tracks

Keith Hudson- Drums all tracks, lead vocals track 5 and 10

Produced and engineered by Freddy Spencer