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The Devil You Know is the 8th Studio album by The New Romantic Devils, released 4 March 2022 by One Sexy Devil Records. Recording began in 2021 in Fort Worth during The Devil You Know sessions and continued into the first two weeks in January 2022 at rented farmhouse in Wichita, Kansas named "The Yellow Farmhouse".  The original idea to do a concept album during The Devil You Devil sessions was scrapped right around Christmas 2021. After scrapping the concept album, The band decided to do just a basic back to roots pop, rock record. They released These Lonely Streets in January 2022 just before starting to head out on the road. The band began rehearsing the week of January 24th, 2022, at Archie's new home studio "The Sandbox", during rehearsals the concept album was reapproached. Further studio time was booked around rehearsals at Red One Studios or JaMaker Studios in Halston, Texas. The final masters were handed over to Freddy on February 24, 2022, and mixed and mastered finished on February 26 for a March Release. The Album started out as a double album and grew in numbers to be a triple album with the concept of the band facing their personal demons and triumphs coinciding with what was going on in the world the past 2 1/2 years. The album covers a range of styles that include hard rock, progressive rock, hip hop and trap rock, alternative pop, country, new wave, and folk.

The Devil You Know
Studio album The New Romantic Devils
Released 4 March 2022
Recorded November 23-November 29, 2021

December 6- December 30, 2021

January 3-January 13, 2022

January 24-February 16 2022

Studio RedOne Studio (Halston, Texas)

Jamaker Studios (Halston,Texas) The Yellow Farmhouse (Wichita, Kansas)

The Sandbox (Fort Worth, Texas) [Archie home studio]

Genre Pop Alternative Rock
Label One Sexy Devil
Producer Freddy Spencer
Engineered and Mastered Atom

Concept and Story line

The Devil You Know is a rock opera that explores abandonment and isolation, love, anger, mental abuse, addiction, and personal demons symbolized by a demon we all know tattooed to us and our soul. The songs create an approximate storyline of events in life of the protagonist, the Band itself, guiding us through all of this with a sign of hope and prosperity.


The band symbolizing the human spirit imagines a crowd of fans entering one of their concerts, and a flashback on all of the lives parallel what is going on in real time to what is going on in the world and experiencing all the things one feels in life. The idea is going into a mental break "The break before dawn" then falling in love hearts of magic and The Love theme, only to be heart broken in Falling asleep. As time goes by the mental break starts with Insane, Into the abyss, Dead by dawn using medication and liquor to self-medicate, The Abyss the final falling, Recognizing the Devil we know. The band then free falls with gravity taking us away on an Interlude We begin to fight back with Point of Attack and through the interludes to an erotic frenzy of the crowd uniting through another interlude but still trying to break free from The Wicked Smile the addiction. 

Now with I'm a God questioning our existence we see the headlights up ahead.

There is Hope with Shine on. 

We find new Love with Touch my Body and how to deal with all the Emotional Wreckage. The band and crowd all understand it's just Once in a lifetime we can all let go and just be as one. 

The demons then fight back with No happy ever after's and then there were none

The band goes to the end of eternity with one song Space love song

The crowd unites with Headstrong and we will Return to me (Go back in time) they all realize we all share the same experiences and on our own We learn to love these demons because they make us stronger and again music unites.

We sing in unison to just Hold on and continue to fight the despair of Indecision. The band and crowd now one being only in a dream (Last Dance) We let go

Where my Heart Cries

We see that our Heart to Heart we are all chasing the same dreams the same hopes the same struggles

We realize we are all Searching for the same thing. Understanding and to belong

The album turns full circle with its closing for us all to take a chance that One shot in a Million that the existential crisis at the heart of the album will never truly end but in the end we all have hope and to never give up on it.

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The band entered the studio in late November 2021 to start recording the follow up to the Double concept album Double trouble, The band wanted to do another concept album based on the band taking on the persona of what was going on in the country and the world and facing personal demons and obstacles and music being the warrior to guide you through and save you from said demons. The band continued to record through mid-December. The band had gone through every demo or idea they had on their database and flash drives in Archies and Keiths musical vaults. The sessions ended on Dec 30th, 2021. The band was going through a lot of turmoil and conflict and burn out just having finished coming off the road and heading straight into the studio. The band decided to take a small break since they were in the process of getting ready to start rehearsing for upcoming shows in 2022. They decided to rent a house in Wichita, Kansas and go back to their roots. They rented the house from January 3, 2022, through January 13, 2022. Once they got there, they got into a a very creative vibe and decided to set up to record music at the farmhouse. They called Freddy and asked if he would come up there and join them. Several new songs were written and recorded while they were there. It was decided as the time in Kansas was coming to an end to scrap the concept album and just release a straightforward record. Freddy, Archie, and Keith went through all the material they had and decided what to use and then it was decided they would release These Lonely Streets on January 21, 2022. They then started to rehearse at Archie's new home studio "The Sandbox" to get ready for their upcoming tour dates. They started rehearsing on January 24. 2022 and would continue through February 16, 2022. They decided while rehearsing to reapproach the concept idea and see if they could get it on track for maybe a later release some time in 2022 or 2023. The band being refreshed and not feeling pressure to have to release anything with an album already out really started to get creative and especially going through some of the existing demos, they decided to record while rehearsing since they were in Archie's new studio. On February 18 through February 21 Archie and Freddy went through everything they had recorded and began to put the concepts in place for the album. Freddy presented a rough mix to the band on February 26 for the band to listen to and make any last notes or cuts or changes. The album had grown to at one time 4 LP then cut to a double LP then back to a triple LP. The Final track list was decided by the band on February 28 to submit to mixed mastered for a March 4, 2022, release. Freddy and his engineer Atom submitted the final mixed and mastered concept album on March 2, 2022, to be released on March 4, 2022.

Music and Lyrics

The album is a complete band project every member contributed on songs in some capacity as well five tracks are written by the entire band together. All though Archie, Rachel, and Keith are once again primary writers, Peyton, Ed, and Jt heavily contributed. It was also decided that every band member would at least sing lead vocals on one track on the album. The rest of the album is split between Keith and Rachel on lead vocals. The band heavily experimented on this album, The album covers a range of styles that include hard rock, progressive rock, hip hop and trap rock, Industrial, alternative pop, country, new wave, and folk. There are several instrumental pieces intertwined between tracks to tell the story. The idea is the band journeys into alternate plain to battle the demons and monsters that the world and individuals face in this walk of life as music is the weapon to give us hope and triumphant victory. The songs deal with depression and overcoming, failed relationships, racism, the pandemic, politics, abuse, drug dependency. Archie has stated as they began to really look at this concept Rachel, Keith, and him listened to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and "Dark Side of the Moon" Led Zeppelins "Physical Graphiti" and My Chemical Romance's " The Black Parade" as well as David Bowie and Queen. Several songs changed from original demos or were combined together to make new songs. There were also several new songs written.

Side One Writers Length
  1. Break before the Dawn
Hudson/A. Monroe/Reed 1:58
2. Hearts of Magic A .Monroe/Reed/Anziotti/R. Monroe 5:10
3. The Love Theme to The New Romantic Devils Hudson/Reed/A. Monroe/R. Monroe 2:22
4. Falling Asleep R. Monroe/Anziotti/Dubach 5:39
5. Insane Hudson/Anziotti/Taylor 4:40
6. Into the Abyss Hudson/Anziotti/Taylor 1:13
7. Dead by Dawn A. Monroe/ Hudson/Anziotti 5:47
8. The Abyss R.Monroe/Reed 0:55
Side two writers Length
  1. The Devil You Know
A. Monroe/ R. Monroe/ B. Smith/Hudson/Anziotti 3:48
2. Gravity Hudson/A. Monroe 4:07
3. Interlude 1 A. Monroe/R. Monroe/Reed 2:34
4. Point of Attack Anziotti/A.Monroe/R.Monroe 4:57
5. Interlude 2 A. Monroe/R. Monroe/ Reed 2:12
6. Erotic Frenzy Hudson/A. Monroe/R. Monroe/ Reed 4:29
7. Interlude 3 A. Monroe/ R. Monroe/ Reed 1:53
8. Wicked Smile Hudson/ R. Monroe/ Reed/ 9:50
Side 3
  1. God (I'm A)
Hudson/Anziotti/Taylor/ A. Monroe 6:06
2. Headlights A. Monroe/ R. Monroe/ Anziotti 4:57
3. Shine on Hudson/ A, Monroe 1:07
4. Touch My Body A. Monroe/ R. Monroe/Hudson/Anziotti/Dubach 6:34
5. Emotional Wreckage A. Monroe/ R. Monroe/ Hudson/ Reed 4:32
6. Once Upon a Lifetime !! Hudson/ Reed/ Taylor/ Dubach/ A. Monroe/ R. Monroe 6:45
7. No Happily Ever Afters R. Monroe/ Hudson/ Anziotti/ A, Monroe 5:43
8. Then There were None R. Monroe/ Anziotti/ Reed/ Taylor/ A. Monroe 4:17
9. Space Love Song Hudson/A. Monroe/ Taylor 6:04
Side 4
  1. Headstrong
Anziotti/Taylor/ R. Monroe 2:38
2. Return to Me (Go Back in TIme) A. Monroe/ R. Monroe/ Anziotti/ Taylor/Reed/Hudson 5:02
3. On Your Own (This Demon Love) Hudson/ Taylor/ A. Monroe 5:46
4. Hold On Hudson/A. Monroe 4:23
5. Indecision R. Monroe/ Anziotti/ Taylor/ Hudson 4:19
6. Only a Dream (Last Dance) A. Monroe/ R. Monroe/ Hudson/ Reed/ Taylor/ Anziotti 5:35
7. Where My Heart Cries Hudson/ R. Monroe/ A. Monroe 4:22
8. Heart to Heart (Chasing Dreams) R. Monroe/ A. Monroe/ Anziotti/ Hudson 5:02
9. The Searchers A. Monroe/ R. Monroe/ Reed/ Hudson/ Anziotti/ Taylor 5:51
10. One Shot in a Million Hudson/A. Monroe/ Taylor 3:44


Archie Monroe- Lead guitar and Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Keith Hudson- Drums and Vocals

Rachel Monroe- Lead Vocals and Piano, and acoustic guitar

John Taylor Dubach- Bass, Rhythm guitar, drums and vocals

Ed Anziotti- Lead and Rhythm guitar

Peyton Reed- Synth, keys, bass, and vocals

additional musicians

Johnny Natchez-guitars and mandolin

Allen Powhaten- drums and percussion

James Edgewood- Guitars and piano

Atom- engineer


Freddy Spencer-Production