Slipping On Rocks
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Genre Indie Rock, Lo-Fi
Years Recorded 2017
Released Date 2017
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Slipping On Rocks is an upcoming album by Robert Jefferson.

Track Listing Edit

  • All songs were written by Robert Jefferson.
  1. Watchtower At Nightstand
  2. Australian Man
  3. The Speed Of Light
  4. I Sat On Your Doctor
  5. This Is A Start
  6. We All Can Get Along
  7. Drop You Off
  8. Pink Underwear
  9. Vitamins Think They're Cool
  10. Awareness Waiter
  11. Take The Ties And Run
  12. He Was Ever Jolly
  13. If You Were Me
  14. Rainwater On My House
  15. Eastern United States
  16. Week At The Warehouse
  17. Another Step Outside
  18. Days Are Gone
  19. Slow Start, Fast Finish
  20. The Fair
  21. Long Way Out Of Here
  22. Cars On Fire
  23. Ring Around The Roses
  24. Young Debbie

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