Seagulls At My Feet
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Genre Indie Rock, Lo-Fi
Years Recorded 2020
Released Date 2020
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Seagulls At My Feet is the fifth solo album by Robert Jefferson.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Cinnamon Rolls Around
  2. If Your Imagine
  3. David The Racecar Maniac
  4. You Want To Floss
  5. When The Rainbow Shines
  6. In The Real World
  7. Die In A Rainbow
  8. Seagulls At My Feet
  9. A Thousand Stories
  10. Which Way To Love
  11. Blast Away All Fears
  12. Evidence Of A Murder Scene
  13. Write A Will
  14. The Right Way
  15. Trapped In My Jumpsuit
  16. No I Haven't
  17. Can't You See
  18. Everything Is Imaginary
  19. Falling From The Third Degree

Personnel Edit

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