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Ready or Not (Here I Come) is a song by pop rock band The New Romantic Devils. It is built upon a repeating riff and features lyrical performance in style aggressive like the music. Archie Monroe has said that it was his attempt to sound aggressive hard rock like many bands from 70's and 80's.


Ready or Not was written during tour in 2004 while on road in Oklahoma and Kansas. The Riff was a back-and-forth combo between Mike McCoy, Freddy Spencer, and Monroe in the middle of setlist as they would all perform solo and jam. Monroe took the idea with McCoy and started to build a song concept around it.

Composition and lyrics

The song begins with a distinctive solo riff at the beginning on top of driving distorted driving rhythm riff. Monroe took the ideas he and McCoy had built from there jam sessions and formulated initial beginnings of as song. He sat down with Hudson in April and May of 2005 and wrote what would eventually become the final song. Holly Ridge was brought in to see if she had any ideas for vocals. She played around with idea of wrapping to it and for Hudson and her to attempt co-vocals. The final version she went with a scat version of vocals driving like the drum and rhythm section of the song. She sings from the protagonist point of view as an aggressive woman who is essentially a heartbreaker/black widow type of character. 


Archie Monroe- Lead guitar and rhythm guitar all tracks

Mike McCoy- Lead and rhythm guitars on tracks 1-6

Freddy Spencer- Lead and Rhythm guitars tracks 7-13

JT Dubach -bass tracks 1-8

Peyton Reed- Vocals 1-13 bass tracks 9-13

Keith Hudson-drums all tracks

Holly Ridge-vocals all tracks piano all tracks

Produced, Mix and Mastered by: The New Romantic Devils