Jeff Bolton
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Date of Birth 7 November 1995 (1995-11-07) (age 24)
Birth Place Rochester, New York
Nationality American
Years Active 2009-present
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Instruments Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards
Associated Acts The Music Makers, Future Of Our Children, Trinken Gift, American Home, The Fun House, Bizarre Cheesecake, Our Time Travellers, Yellow Poverty

Jeffrey Robert Bolton (born November 7, 1995) is a singer for The Music Makers. Along with being a vocalist for his band, Bolton recorded one solo album, Exploding Your Children under the band name American Home

Jeff grew up in the Rochester area, and was already musically inclined at the age of 8, knowing only drums. By age 12, he knew drums, keyboards and bass guitar and by age 13, he taught himself guitar. At age 13, Jeff started The Music Makers with Keyboardist Andy Sherman.

His current girlfriend is Alyssa Pollard.

Produces Edit

Member of... Edit

  1. The Music Makers (2009-present)
  2. Future Of Our Children (2015-present)
  3. Trinken Gift (2012-2014, 2020-present)
  4. American Home (2015)
  5. The Fun House (2016-2019)
  6. Bizarre Cheesecake (2020-present)
  7. Our Time Travellers (2017-2019)
  8. Yellow Poverty (2015-2019)

Discography Edit

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