Don't Hold Back
Don't Hold Back2
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Length 16:52
Genre Alternative rock
Years Recorded TBD
Released Date July 27, 2015
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Don't Hold Back is an album by The Music Makers.

Track Listing Edit

All tracks were written by Robert Jefferson, except noted.

  1. Don't Hold Back- 3:24
  2. Around- 1:28
  3. The Zoo- 2:23
  4. If I Were An Airplane- 0:41
  5. Back To Jupiter (Josh Caldwell)- 4:51
  6. Chasing My Own Dreams- 2:18
  7. Invisible Color- 1:26
  8. Sort Of Sickness- 3:42
  9. Another Piece (Jefferson/Shane Smith)- 2:41

Personnel Edit

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