Covers Of Covers is album of covers by The Music Makers. It will be released in May 2024.

Track Listing Edit

  • Original artist in parenthesis
  1. Last Nite (The Strokes) (featuring George Hammond and Chris Black Jr.)- 3:31
  2. Gimme Some Loving (Spencer Davis Group) (featuring David McGee)- 2:01
  3. I Only Want You (Eagles Of Death Metal) (featuring Death To All Those)- 2:58
  4. Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand) (featuring Deaf Boyz)- 3:56
  5. Bat Country (Avenged Sevenfold) (featuring Alex Mackey)- 2:50
  6. Knock Me Down (Red Hot Chili Peppers) (featuring Paul Gilmore)- 3:51
  7. All Star (Smash Mouth) (featuring Chris Black Jr.)- 3:15
  8. Hate To Say I Told You So (The Hives) (featuring Kevin Moss)- 3:38
  9. Buddy Holly (Weezer) (featuring Nicholas Garrett)- 2:56
  10. Instant Karma! (John Lennon) (featuring Ashley Borland)- 3:03
  11. Mr. Soul (Buffalo Springfield) (featuring Ben Ross)- 2:47
  12. Float On (Modest Mouse) (featuring Chris Black Jr.)- 3:18
  13. My Generation (The Who) (featuring Chris Black Jr.)- 3:01
  14. I Certainly Hope Not (Guided By Voices) (featuring Kevin Myers and Deaf Boyz)- 2:00
  15. Let's Spend The Night Together (The Rolling Stones) (featuring Ed Thomas)- 2:53
  16. Turn It On/Be My Head (The Flaming Lips) (featuring Chris Black Jr.)- 5:55
  17. Know Your Product (The Saints) (featuring Ed Thomas and The Spinal)- 3:05
  18. Breakfast In America (Supertramp) (featuring Thomas Rucker)- 2:20
  19. Africa (Toto) (featuring Tim Wilson, Ben Ross and Chase Cutler)- 4:59
  20. What A Wonderful Man (My Morning Jacket) (featuring Troy Suggs)- 2:29

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