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Seize the Day is the 2nd album from the pop rock band The New Romantic Devils. It was released on Fresh tunes.

Musical Style

The album is more of a heavier free spirit sound than the debut. The band was still experimenting with sounds and texture trying to add pop punk elements as well as R & B and Hip Hop. All Music was written by Mike, Archie, and Keith. Some contributions by Peyton, Peyton and Holly experimented with combining their vocal performances.


The album was recorded in fall of 2005 for a 2006 release. There were left over demos from the debut that they started with and then wrote new material once in the studio, The album was once again self-financed. Freddy Spencer who was now also part of the live band did double duties helping produce and mix the album. The band was overall happy with the sound of the record but were not happy with the content. Archie has said numerous times that he wished they had cut about 7 or 8 of the tracks from final product. The album was re-released in 2020.

Track listing

1. My Own Piece of Mind (5:15}

2. My Love Dressed in Black (4:37)

3. Where Fools Roam (4:52)

4. Ready or Not (here I come) (4:06)

5. Til Death Do Us Part (6:01)

6. Ready for your Love (5:42)

7. Stay (Call your Name) (4:31)

8. Dangerous Love (5:43)

9. Seize the Day (5:47)

10. Down a Rabbit Hole (4:00)

11. Last Love (5:12}

12. Here I Am (4:16)

13. Outlaw Creed (3:35)


Archie Monroe- Lead guitar and rhythm guitar all tracks

Mike McCoy- Lead and rhythm guitars on tracks 1-6

Freddy Spencer- Lead and Rhythm guitars tracks 7-13

JT Duback -bass tracks 1-8

Peyton Reed- Vocals 1-13 bass tracks 9-13

Keith Hudson-drums all tracks

Holly Ridge-vocals all tracks piano all tracks