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Pop Rocks is the 5th album by the Pop rock band The New Romantic Devils released in July of 2021. It was originally an album of B-sides and leftovers from the Painting a Perfect Picture sessions. They decided to re-record the 13 tracks used with JT Duback and Ed Anziotti and Release as an album. 

Studio album by The New Romantic Devils
Released 20 August 2021
Recorded December 2020

January 2021

June 2021

Studio "The Barn"- Fort Worth, Texas

Jamaker studios- Halston, Texas

RedOne Studios- Halston, Texas

Genre Rock Alternative Pop-Rock Rock-Hop
Label One Sexy Devil Records
Producer Freddy Spencer


Freddy Spencer sat down with Rachel Monroe and Archie Monroe and wanted to go through the left-over tracks from the Painting a Perfect Picture Sessions. He felt there were still too many songs that got left off that should be released or at least held over for another album. In March of 2021 right after Painting a Perfect Picture was released Peyton and Rachel were involved in a bad motor vehicle accident. Having already booked a tour for the summer Archie had to ask JT Dubach and Ed Anziotti to fill in while the girls recovered. Archie agreed to look at the left-over tracks with Freddy if JT and Ed could come in and do some recording along to the tracks so they could see what they could add. In August of 2021, Pop Rocks was released as the 5th album.

Music and Lyrics

The Music and lyrics are by Rachel, Keith, Archie, and Peyton

Track Listing

1. Hardcore

2. Escape Song

3. Everybody Gone

4. The Wake

5. Why

6. Turn the Lights Out

7. Adore

8. Honest with Yourself

9. Boys

10. Let me Be (Dance into the Night)

11. Two O’Clock

12. Close your Eyes

13. Lose Control


Keith Hudson- vocals tracks 1,3,8,12 Drums tracks 2,4,6,7

John Taylor Dubach- Vocals track 12, bass and drums tracks 1,3,5,10,12,13

Ed Anzilotti - Guitars all tracks, Drums tracks 8, 9,

Peyton-bass and vocals all tracks except 11

Rachel Monroe -Guitar and piano-vocals on tracks 2,5,7,9,10,11,13

Archie- guitars all tracks, vocals track 4,6,11

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Freddy Spencer