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Painting a Perfect Picture is the 4th studio album by Texas Pop Rock Band The New Romantic Devils. It was released in March of 2021 by Distro Kid and One Sexy Devil Records. It was the follow up to Devil's Got Your Tongue the previous year.

Studio album by The New Romantic Devils
Released 25 January 2021
Recorded November-December 2020

January 2021

Studio "The Barn" - Fort Worth, Texas
Genre rock pop-rock alternative rock-hop
Label One Sexy Devil Records
Producer Freddy Spencer

'Musical Style

This marks a full-on embrace of pop to the for front of their musical experimentation. They once again mix in hip hop and R & B influences with hard rock edges, but the overall sound of the album is very heavily pop influenced. The album is once again produced by Freddy Spencer.


The New Romantic Devils went into the studio in late 2020 unable to really perform live. They had been writing music on and off for most of 2020 due to everyone being locked down with the pandemic. Mike McCoy had quit the band and they had not found a replacement. So the band a four piece of Rachel, Peyton, Keith, and Archie wrote and recorded the album. Keith, Archie, and Rachel were the primary writers however Peyton contributed more than she had in the past. Also, Freddy helped with instruments on most of the tracks of the album. Peyton and Rachel took the lead and were at the fore front of this project right up to the name as well as musical direction, Archie and Keith were not as happy with the direction at the time of recording process. This was first album that Archie had a lead vocal on a track. The album was a huge success locally for them in the Fort Worth/ Dallas area and helped them get ready for 2021.  The album was released in the spring of 2021.

Track Listing

1. The Long Goodbye( 4:40)

2.Crazy Things (5:25)

3. Dark Light (4:00)

4. Nothing to Lose (Carnivore) (4:49)

5. The Perfect Picture (Wild Hearts pt1) (5:24)

6. So (5:15)

7. In Over your Head (4:38)

8. Midnight Paradise (Ghost in the Wires) (5:28)

9. Back to the Start Again (5:09)

10. Dreaming of another Time (5:10)

11. Can you See Me (6:05)

12. Wild Hearts Pt. 2 (5:37)

13. One Night (Make it Last) (4:21)

14. Keep it in your Heart (5:16)

15. Show me Love (5:10)

16. Run 2 U (Better late than never) (4:08)


Archie Monroe- Lead guitar on all tracks and backing vocals lead vocals track 11

Peyton Reed- Bass on all tracks and some rhythm guitar vocals on 5 and 14

Keith Hudson- Drums on all tracks lead vocals 2, 4, 7 and co lead on track 9 and 14

Rachel Monroe- Piano, Rhythm guitar on all tracks lead vocals on tracks 1, 3,6,8, 10,12,13, 15, 16

Freddy Spencer-additional guitar work on all tracks.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Freddy Spencer.