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Can't Keep My Hands Off of You is a song by The New Romantic Devils and sixth and final single off the album Devil's Got Your Tongue. The song is a fan favorite and its origins date back to 2004 and 2005. The song was written by Rachel Monroe, Archie Monroe, Keith Hudson, and Holly Ridge.


In 2004 Holly and Archie had written a song titled The Morning After. The song was a basic country rock tune. The lyrics dealt with their volatile relationship and originated after a huge fight that led to them almost breaking up but passionately getting back together. When the song was played for Keith after recording drums suggested doing an industrial drum beat over the music. The song had an orchestra added to the beginning. The song was scrapped when they recorded their debut album. In 2005 the song was brought out of mothballs and attempted to rerecord it; the music was now straightforward rock song. The industrial beat was left underneath with live drums added over the top into the mix. Holly decided to also add piano to the mix. The song was planned to be added to the follow up album Seize the Day. When the final track listing was being decided on the song was scrapped. While still in the studio Archie, Keith, and Holly worked on a new song titled Fatal Attraction. The song lyrical content as was usual at the time a love ballad written by Ridge to Monroe about their volatile relationship. She had lifted some of the content from The Morning After for the bridge and chorus. Both songs ended up not being used for the first two albums. The song Fatal Attraction went through several changes from 2006 to 2008. They both remained in the vault until 2019.


On the 26 November 2019 after working on the song To Escape Death and listening to the old demos of Fatal Attraction and The Morning After she decided to write another song. Inspired by both songs she called Archie and Keith to come to studio and help her work on the new tune. Keith, Rachel, and Archie worked on a song in the vein of an old 50's style break up song modernized with a little hard rock element, Rachel took some of Holly's lyrics from The Morning after and crafted it to the new song. On 30 November 2019 Rachel called Holly Ridge and asked her if she would come to studio and meet with her. Holly agreed although reluctant at first. They stayed in the studio for about 6 hours and Holly helped her flesh out the vocals. They turned the song into being about falling for the guys you know are wrong but just can't stop doing it. Holly gave them her blessing to use the lyrics she had written and left. Archie called Mike on 1 of December to help with guitar intro to the song. The band Recorded the song in December 2019.


Archie Monroe- Lead and Rhythm guitar all tracks

Mike McCoy- Lead and Rhythm guitar all tracks

Rachel Monroe- Rhythm guitar, keys, synths, piano all tracks. Lead vocals 1-4, and 6-9, 11 and 12

Peyton Reed- Bass, backing vocals all tracks

Keith Hudson- Drums all tracks, lead vocals track 5 and 10

Produced and engineered by Freddy Spencer