Best Of The Music Makers
Best Of The Music Makers2
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Length TBD
Genre Lo-Fi, Rock
Years Recorded TBD
Released Date October 17, 2014
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Best Of The Music Makers is a compilation album by The Music Makers.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Out On The Curb
  2. Alyssa
  3. Zoo Gets Me Happy
  4. The Ballad of Donnie Gray
  5. Counting Sheep
  6. Battle At Midnight
  7. Make The Biggest Splash
  8. Day At The Beach
  9. Sinking Deep Into The Wrath of Heaven
  10. Concrete Blondes
  11. Doug
  12. And Still The Girl Plays...
  13. Drumming Along
  14. The Tanker
  15. Built A Band
  16. A Call To The Birds
  17. Jeff And Friends (Theme Song)
  18. Late For The Show
  19. You're A Ringer
  20. (I Can't Wait) Snow Again

Personnel Edit

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